Dr. Roberto Tostado has himself been on a journey as a physician towards holistic integrative health.


Dr. Roberto Tostado is the founder of The IBody Wellness Center, a medical facility specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Stem Cell, Detoxification Therapy and Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs. Dr. Tostado has successfully treated thousands of men and women with his holistic and natural protocols, with an emphasis, on prevention. The clinical effects of his therapies have reversed diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss, balanced hormones and many other metabolic diseases.

Dr. Tostado has been a physician for over 23 years and is a Board Certified physician in Family Medicine, Regenerative and Anti-aging medicine. He is certified by the American Academy of Restorative Medicine and a fellow of Nutritional and Digestive Medicine. A graduate of Columbia University, University of Michigan Medical School, and University of Southern California’s Residency Program at the California Medical Center. Dr. Tostado is also trained in Stem Cell harvesting and isolation techniques and received this certification through U.S. Stem Cell Training.

His excellent education, training and years of dedication and compassionate service has earned him the love, trust and respect of thousands of patients.