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Dear Dr. Rob and the IBODY team: I have wanted to write about my IBODY experience for weeks now. It took me so long to write it, because there is so much I want to say. IBODY has had a profound affect on me. In 1986, I began to gain weight, it came on fast and no amount of dieting or exercise would stop it. After 4 years and 8 doctors, I was finally diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. This hormonal imbalance meant no amount of dieting or exercise would stop or reverse the weight gain. I sought out herbal combinations, Chinese medicine, and nutritional approaches. These had very little effect. After 10 years, I accepted the fact that I am and would always be a big girl.

But for the first time in 31 years, I have found an answer: IBODY. IBODY’s approach to weight loss is powerful, simple and effective. IBODY focuses on using nutrition and herbal supplements to detox the body, to remove toxins that create weight gain. Not only did I loose weight, but I learned to eat cleanly. To eat the right fats, create great tasting meals, and make the right food choices. Soon, I found that my cravings began to shift from unhealthy foods, to the simple, clean nutritional foods I was eating.

A unique piece of the IBODY experience, is that the three phases – detox, weight loss, maintenance – kept the whole experience interesting and engaging. I was never bored. I actively participated in the cleansing of my body and mind. I learned to rethink food, and the whole eating process. I found I was able to eat out and remain on the diet. This caused me to think about the restaurants I chose to eat in, and look closely at the menu offerings. I was able to modify my selection and remain on the diet. And because I was feeling great and loosing weight every day, I became dedicated to eating this way and making these choices. Even in situations (such as Thanksgiving) where I was dining with others, I simply brought my own food, and I never once felt deprived.

Eating cleanly and feeling well is a daily choice. I found that whenever I made the very human, mistake of falling back on bad habits – my body responded accordingly, and not as it had before. To put it plainly, bad choices tasted bad, and made me feel bad. The IBODY eating plan is a plan for life. I really love how they teach you to use food, make the right choices, to get healthy, and stay healthy. Not only has IBODY given me the power to change my body, it has changed my thinking.

Thank you IBODY – I am thankful to you for this gift. You have empowered me to get my body healthy and strong again. I am forever grateful.

Teri Craig-Gurule

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