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With The Current COVID-19 Pandemic Your Immune System Needs a Boost to Fight Infections

Our IV Super Immune Boost will take your immunity to the next level.


Our immune boosting IV therapy contain highly potent doses of vitamin C, Zinc , B vitamins , essential minerals and antioxidants that can stimulate your body’s own immune response to fight viruses. Due to a high demand for these treatments and limited availability we will continue to provide them to our community while our supplies last.


With the rapidly evolving situation of the COVID-19 virus we stay committed to our mission to promote wellness and do our part in strengthening the health of our community. As a regenerative medicine physician, I believe that there is no better protection than a strong and robust immune system as our primary defense against this devastating pandemic. In support of our community our clinic will remain open to help us fight back and build our defenses one person at a time.

I had insulin-dependent diabetes for almost 20 years. Having lost over 70 lbs, I no longer need a cane or any diabetes medication. Dr Tostado gave me a new life.

      - Garret Johnston, California

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