Our unique Mesohair Restoration treatment has been adapted by Dr. Roberto Tostado for over a decade now. His unique technique involves micro-injections of homeopathic and conventional nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals into the scalp. The procedure uses a tiny needle about 4mm (size of an eyelash) to directly deliver essential nutrients that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Our exclusive Mesohair technique has been proven effective in restoring healthy hair growth using safe and natural components with lasting results. Unlike prescription medications currently available for hair growth mesohair treatments have no side effects and new hair growth does not shed after the treatments have been completed and discontinued. Mesohair is a combination of acupuncture principles with nutritional and anti-oxidant therapy. Meridians in the scalp are activated by the microinjections stimulating dormant hair follicles to grow. The infusion of the anti-oxidant vitamins stimulates circulation and nutrient saturation to the base of the hair follicles to promote hair growth and strength.


How does it work?

Hair regrowth for the scalp for men and women using mesotherapy is a technique which places hair stimulating solutions and vitamins into the scalp at the base of hair follicles – a procedure superior to topical application of medications that usually just lie on the scalp and do not touch the base of the hair follicle. This procedure works for women and men with stress related hair thinning, age related hair loss, alopecia, women with post pregnancy hair loss and male pattern hair loss. This hair regrowth technique is widely used in Europe, South America and in the United States.

What are its benefits?

Hair loss or alopecia is the result of poor scalp circulation, nutritional imbalances and the excess of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Mesotherapy can correct these problems, stimulating the scalp to naturally grow lost hair.

Are there any side effects?

Injections to the scalp may result in minimal bleeding of the scalp that is present only during the treatment. Otherwise there are no side effects from the vitamin injections.

How many treatments do I need?

With mesotherapy, the scalp with thinning hair gets microinjections every week for four months, then maintenance treatments can be continued as needed at periodic intervals discussed with each client based on the results of the 4 month protocol. Typically, hair thickness and new growth is noted after 6-10 treatments sometimes sooner, but during the initial four month treatment regimen noticeable hair growth is apparent.

Who can be treated with Meso-Hair?

Men and women with hair loss due to various conditions including familial baldness, alopecia, aging hair, thinning hair or as a supplement to surgical hair restoration.


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