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Book: WTF is Wrong with Our Health

Stop f’ing around with your health... ...and take control of your life! Sick of being overweight, diabetic, or achy and low energy?

Tired of being fatigued or depressed?

Sick and tired of taking multiple prescription drugs with no end in sight?

There is another way to live—not just to feel a little better or take fewer drugs, but to strut through life feeling your best.Is there a catch?

You bet!

You’ll have to take a radical look at what you eat, get rid of the junk and replace it with fresh whole foods... but it all starts in your head. Along the way you’ll learn to detoxify your attitude too. You gotta really want to be healthy! Rebel physician Roberto Tostado envisions a new direction in medicine, integrating whole-foods nutrition, thinking less toxic thoughts, and releasing ourselves from grudges and self-loathing. This is the new direction that he truly believes will help prevent most chronic diseases while smiling all the way.

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