The Science of Six Packs

Six packs aren’t just the result of doing crunches until you pass out. With a bit of knowledge on the science of six packs, you can be more effective and efficient in your journey. Here’s what you need to know while perfecting your abs.


Sculpting a six pack requires a great deal of patience and sacrifice. One of the things you may miss most on your journey is refined and processed sugar. If your diet is rich in sugar and you don’t metabolize it efficiently, it will be stored as fat. Men particularly store this fat around their bellies, hindering that idealized ab look.

Avoid excess sugar wherever possible by cutting out sugar-­‐packed soft drinks, cake frostings, and white bread (opt for lettuce wraps for sandwiches!). Beware sugary drinks which line the refrigerators of convenience stores which masquerade as healthy options but are actually ‘juice drinks’ which are sweetened.

Craving that sweet taste. Grab an apple or other fruit instead. These unprocessed treats contain all their natural fiber which helps the sugar metabolize more slowly.


Forget the crunch, embrace the ‘roll-­‐up’! Although Cristiano Ronaldo has time for hundreds of sit-­‐ups a day to craft his fine abs, you may not have that luxury. To be 25% more efficient in your ab exercise, grab an exercise ball or Swiss ball. From a kneeled position place your hands on the ball in front of you. Then roll the ball forward so you are bracing your weight between your knees and your hands atop the ball. Then ‘roll-­‐up’ the ball back towards you until you are again in a kneeling position.

The beauty of this move is that it is an evolved and more dynamic plank pose. The intense bracing required by your abdominals is perfect for sculpting the sexy washboard look. Once you’ve got this move down, or if you don’t have an exercise ball, add push-­‐ups, planks, and mountain-­‐climbers to your routine. These moves stiffen those core muscles and also work the hips and lower back which adds to your taut ab look.


If after many weeks of careful nutrition and rigorous exercise you feel that you’re still not where you want to be, consider a consultation with Dr. Tostado at The iBody. Our SmartLipo procedure targets those stubborn fat deposits, using laser technology to melt away the fat, yielding tightened skin and toned definition.

Fitness goals can be taxing, often involving dedication and sacrifice rather than a quick fix. But with determination, commitment, efficient exercise, and nutritional adjustments, you can be well on your way to that toned, sculpted mid-­‐riff you crave.​

by Joseph