My road to a healthier, lighter, energetic, stronger, younger looking and gout free me started in October 2015 with iBody and Dr. Tostado.

It began with some simple, but very reveling tests. One result was a testosterone measurement of 187, a low figure, one that Dr. Tostado wanted to raise immediately. Dr. Tostado said by increasing my testosterone level I would feel stronger, have more energy and sleep better. That sounded very appealing so a week later I decided to have testosterone tablets imbedded into my hip. The fact that my wife had just had this done, as her level was very low as well, and seeing the immediate positive changes made it an even easier decision for me. I began to feel the results within 24 hours, not only was my energy way up, I was stronger in the gym and I started Driving (I am an avid golfer) the golf ball about 10 yards farther off the tee. Within a month, I started sleeping 2-3 hours more per night, my golf handicap dropped 2 strokes and my testosterone level was raised to 817.

Based on that success I then did the 3 week iBody detox. When I started I weighed 233, when I finished 3 weeks later I weighed 218.1. I could feel the impurities leaving my body, in fact for the first 2 weeks I was having gout attacks, but by week three the attacks had stopped, I was feeling even stronger, had even more energy and was sleeping more soundly.

So based on the previous 2 successful road’s that iBody had sent me down, I decided to do the hCG 6 week diet and started it 11 days after the detox. I am about to finish my 3rd week and now weigh 201.1.

I wish I could tell you that I feel like I did when I was 25, but I can’t, since I can’t remember when I felt this good it has been that long. Every person I come across tells me how great I look, I now am hitting the golf ball around 30 yards farther than before I started working with Dr. Tostado, I am sleeping 3-4 hours more than before. The difference is truly remarkable. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 15 years ago, instead of waiting until I turned 50.

Anthony L.
A New Man

Ever since I discovered IBODY, I have been educated, informed & enlightened about food, diet, eating habits and how they affect our health, weight loss and/or gain. I have lost a lot and I have learned how to maintain it, thanks to IBODY’s program. I highly recommend it to anybody who is experiencing any health problem from weight gain and pain. Detoxing is the answer to all our health problems. Continually being supervised by a doctor and a nurse also helps. IBODY staff are always available to help and educate. They are also friendly and have become part of my family. Everybody who sees me now always comment about how young, vibrant & healthy looking I look. I have become an IBODY unofficial spokesperson. Thanks IBODY.

Janet N.

I am so happy about the success I have had with Dr. Tostado’s program at the IBODY. I had lost weight and get healthier. Many thanks to the entire staff.

Brad S.

Where do I even start?? This place has been a god sent! I come here pretty much for my facials, homeopathic herbs, cortisone injections, and recently had my first procedure with smart lipo....which was an absolute success!

I've suffered with PCOS for years that brought upon many hormonal imbalances. Medical doctors would prescribe me medications that would only mask the issue and I had no help with the underlying problem of my syndrome. Fortunately, Dr. Tostado put me on a special herbal tonic and to my disbelief, my hormones for the first time were completely balanced. I've always had irregular periods, and now I get a period every month! And have been for the past 7 months!!! And all it took were herbs....no meds!

I recently had my first smart lipo procedure done on my neck/chin/jawline. I was very nervous at first, but Dr. Tostado, along with his wife were very professional and gentle with me. The results were amazing! It has only been less than a month and I was able to recover and heal quickly. They put me on these herbs that would help with healing and bruising (all natural....no meds!)

It is very rare to find medical practitioners also incorporate a natural approach as well! I am scheduled to have another smart lipo procedure in a couple of months and I know I will be in good hands ;)"

I highly recommend this place!!

Nicole D.

I've just completed a 21 day cleanse with Dr Tostado, my experience was wonderful!!! This wasn't just about weight loss for me, it was about getting to the source of what kept me from feeling well, and I found after years of going to medical doctors and being prescribed various medications I've hit the jackpot! Dr tostado has the knowledge and more importantly the commitment to transforming the way we think about our own well being....

If your sick and tired of the way you feel, tired of the dialogue in your head about how you feel, if your concerned about the future of your health, don't hesitate to call.

Michelle M.
Peace Love and Gratitude

My girlfriend has been going to ibody for a while now and I am very impressed with their holistic approach to health and well being. The staff is professional and just as concerned about the patient as the treatment programs. The results are the best possible endorsement, I am considering becoming a patient myself.

Tony S.

I heard about this place, and went in to check it out. The ambiance is very impressive and relaxing. I filled out an information form that assesses my current health and hey recommended a detox based on the information. The doctor spent a lot of time talking to me about my health, and it felt very relaxed like I was talking to a friend. I was also surprised by the amount of time he spent with me. They were also really good about following up. I highly recommend this place if you are into optimal health and holistic nutrition.

Shereen F.

The attention that I received at IBODY and the results from my Smartlipo were absolutely the best. I was able to fit into jeans that I had not worn in 10 years and my friends and coworkers have all noticed my new body. The work of Dr Tostado and his wife is meticulous and done with the utmost care. I highly value the people and service at IBODY.


It is amazing how young I look and feel again after having Smartlipo done on my neck at IBODY to get rid of my double chin that I had for years. People tell me how good I look thinking I lost weight and I just smile.


I met Dr Tostado and his wife Teresa Tostado NP during my Smartlipo consult and was impressed by their attention to me and my concerns about my body which translated to the focus and attention I received in the treatment room for my Smartlipo. The results were great and I would definitely recommend anyone to have their Smartlipo at IBODY.


I can’t remember having a neck for years and now I look in the mirror and see a new better me. It’s incredible that taking out a little fat can bring back my youth and give me so much confidence. I couldn’t believe how comfortable the Smartlipo was and how good the results would be. Thank you IBODY!


I live in Alaska and learned about IBODY from my son who lives in Los Angeles. I was able to speak to the staff about Smartlipo and felt good about doing my treatment their. The husband and wife medical team really care about your results and work very hard to give you the best results. It was worth flying to California to have my Smartlipo at IBODY and I’m thinking of having more done when I’m in the area.